Uses And Benefits Of Roses – Skincare To Aromatherapy

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Roses are among the most beautiful flowers and there is no denying that. Available in plenty of colours like red, yellow, pink and more – these pretty flowers are nothing less than a visual delight. Their aromatic fragrance can mesmerise anyone and adds to the charm of roses. But that’s not all. The list of benefits of roses is endless. Apart from being eye candies, roses come loaded with a lot of uses and benefits. Right from your skin to the delicacies you prepare in the kitchen – roses can do umpteen wonders.

Mostly associated with love, romance and adoration – red roses are among the most-gifted flowers. Every different shade of rose stands for a different set of emotions and feelings. Read more about it here.

Coming back to the benefits and uses of roses, you would be surprised to know that each supple and dainty rose petal can be used in multiple ways. So without any further, let’s check out some of the most wondrous uses of roses.

Rose Water Doubles Up As A Skin Toner

Roses have several antioxidant properties and hence they are super good for the skin. Rose water, when used as a toner on a daily basis, can enhance the texture of your skin and give it a natural glow. It also hydrates the skin and helps get rid of wrinkles. Rose water is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Which is why it is nothing less than a superfood for skin.

Rose for skin

Not just the rose water, you can use fresh rose leaves in your homemade face mask. Just beat 6-8 rose leaves and mix with yogurt and a few lemon drops. You may also add half teaspoon honey if your skin is dry. Apply the mix as a face mask on your skin for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water. For best results, use this mask 3-4 days in a week. The presence of rose in the face mask makes it even more effective for the skin. It helps you get a blushing-pink glow that you have always desired for. Moreover, it also boosts collagen production and reduces ageing signs.

Add rose petals to your homemade face mask

Intake of Rose helps improve digestive system

Have you ever had rose-infused tea? If not, let us tell you it is more than fragrant and tasty tea. It helps you relieve digestion issues including inflammation and diarrhea. To avail the digestive benefits of rose, you can also consume it in the form of homemade rose water. It has calming and therapeutic effects as well.

Take 8-10 petals of a small rose flower and wash it with cold water. Then, boil it in 2 cups of water. Cool, strain and consume. You can add a little amount of this rose water in tea and curries as well.

Helps deal with depression and anxiety

As mentioned above, roses are also known for their calming and therapeutic effects. If you are battling anxiety, stress or anxiety – roses can be of great help. Its aromatic fragrance is known to reduce stress levels and help people with sleep issues as well. You can light a rose-infused candle, sip rose tea or use rose air diffuser to avail this benefit of roses.

Rose-flavoured delicacies are just-so-yummm

Roses have a distinct flavour as well that can turn any ordinary food item into an exotic delicacy. Be it rose lassi, rose-flavoured sweets, rose-whipped cream and a lot more – rose for food is an utterly amazing idea.

Rose tea

Rose lip balm

Don’t we all secretly wish our lips were as pink as a rose? Well, you can fulfill this desire with the help of nothing else but the flower rose. Almost every beauty brand offers a rose lip balm for its effective ability to nourish and moisturise your lips. You can also make a rose at your home using rose petals and coconut oil.

Rose lip balm


Owing to its therapeutic and calming effects, roses are immensely used in aromatherapy sessions as well. Tha calming and soothing aroma of roses uplifts the mood, relieves the stress and refreshes you from within.

rose for aromatherapyBest way to express love

Roses have helped get together millions of couples in the world. These flowers are synonymous to love and are considered as the best way to express love for someone special. Nothing screams love better than a bunch of red roses. This is one of the reasons why couples exchange red roses on their special days.

Bunch of Red Roses

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