Popular Flower Festivals In India That You Should Not Miss

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Flowers…we give them to our loved ones to reveal our strongest emotions. From intense passion to sincere apologies, from cheerful ceremonies to immense sorrows, they underline our lives’ most remarkable episodes.

Around the world, people spend billions of dollars every year on one of the most gorgeous and fragile things on earth. And why not? The extravagant flowers are worth every penny. They do not just comfort our eyes; they relax our soul.

Every year, the number of breathtaking flower festivals occurs worldwide. The good part is that you don’t have to spend a lot to catch the beauty of those extravagant events as many of them take place within India.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 Indian Flower Festivals that are appreciated on the global stage.

The Ooty Flower Show

Venue: The Government Botanical Garden, Ooty.

Best Time To Visit: May

Event Span: 3 Days

The Government Botanical Garden in Ooty hosts one of the most dazzling Flower Shows every year. Set in beautiful blue mountains of the Nilgiri range, spring is the ideal season for flower aficionados to gather at the Ooty flower festival.

With a plethora of diverse potted plants, this festival lets you enjoy the beauty of more than 150 types of soul-soothing flowers. Nicknamed as the “showstopper of the south,” around 3 lakh flower fanatics visited this floral extravaganza.

Tulip Festival Of Kashmir

Venue: India Gandhi Tulip Memorial Garden

Best Time To Visit: March To April

Event Span: It is based on the blooming span of Tulips.

Organized in the most extensive tulip garden in Asia, the Kashmir Tulip Festival takes place on the outskirts of Srinagar. With the mesmerizing view of iconic Dal Lake and snow-capped Himalayan range, this colorful festival marks the beauty of more than 60 different tulip species.

This garden, officially named ‘The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden,’ is located in the heavenly beautiful Zabrawan Mountain Valley. If you want to witness the most appreciated tulip buzz in India, this is a “never miss” event.

Apart from the glamorous tulips, you can also enjoy finger-licking Kashmiri cuisine & artistic craft, unique cultural events, and much more. One of the most significant plus points of attending this festival is that you get a chance to visit some beautiful tourist spots nearby, such as the Pari Mahal, Shalimar Bagh, the Temple of Shankaracharya, and more.

The Chandigarh Rose Festival

Venue: Dr. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Best Time To Visit: Last Week of February

Event Span: 3 Days

One of the most beautiful cities in India, Chandigarh is home to the annual rose festival. This glamourous rose fair is organized in February each year. This spectacular event is hosted by Asia’s biggest rose garden named after India’s former President Dr. Zakir Hussain.

More than 300,000 people rose lovers flocked to The Rose Festival 2020 that was held on 28th February.

Also known as the festival of gardens, Chandigarh Rose Festival is indeed bliss for rose enthusiasts. Loved by many, people around the globe are attracted to capture the splendor of this outstanding rose affair.

If you ask what you can expect more from this event, the answer is a fantastic day with your family and friends. You can enjoy folk dances, exciting competitions, short plays, and much more. And if you are lucky enough, you can be the next Mr. Rose or Miss Rose of the year.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Shilong

Venue: Shillong, Meghalaya

Best Time To Visit: November

Event Span: 3 Days

You don’t have to drain your whole pocket to fly to Paris or Japan to see the lushness of Cherry Blossoms. The International Cherry Blossom Festival held at Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills is no less beautiful and exotic than any other global cherry blossom festival. Every November, the picturesque views of blooming Cherry Blossom trees beautify the city of Shilong.

The best part is, this Himalayan Cherry Blossom Gala is not just limited to pretty-in-pink flowers. It’s a great time to spend with friends and enjoy live gigs, north-eastern cuisine, art, and delicious local wine.

Dasara Flower Show

Venue: Nishad Bagh, Mysore

Best Time To Visit: September To October

Event Span: 12 Days

Dasara, also known as Dussehra in North India, is one of the biggest Indian festivals. While the entire nation cherishes this festival to celebrate the triumph of truth over evil, Mysore city gets ready to spellbound tourists with the annual Dasara Flower Show.

With a variety of elegant roses, ravishing orchids, and popular floral concepts such as Ikebana, this festival also entertains you with musical fountains, elephant processions, food festivals, and exciting competitions. Generally falls from September to October, this south Indian floral symphony keeps you stunned with its eye-popping scenery. Besides, the festival also displays some fantastic floral formations of the famous monuments, animals, human structures, and more.

International Flower Festival, Sikkim

Venue: White Hall, Gangtok

Best Time To Visit: April to May

Event Span: 30 Days

This is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and ‘must-see’ floral events in India. Held in March, Gangtok is the venue of The International Flower Festival, Sikkim. It displays some of the most beautiful and breathtaking flowers and plants, such as orchids, gladioli, rhododendrons, foliage, and magnolias. Not to mention, this event fills the Sikkim air with the fragrance of refreshing flowers and herbs.

The Government of Sikkim organizes the event each year for around 31 days and makes sure the visitors celebrate the divine beauty of North-East India to the fullest. Plus, it arranges seminars and lectures where well-known personalities in botanical science come over to share their views. This goes without saying that it attracts a large number of horticulturists from all around the world.

It also provides the stage for Sikkimese dancers, artists to display their cultural specialties. White Water rafting, craft exhibitions, and Himalayan safari is the cherry on the top.

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