2021 is finally here! Haven’t we all have been eagerly waiting for 2020 to end? Well, it is the right time to forget all that happened in the tumultuous year that 2020 was, and give a refreshing start to new year. Let’s welcome this year wholeheartedly with wide arms open and a sweet treat!  Yes, we are talking about a New Year special cake.

The world commemorates New Year with a big bang. The new year is synonymous to promises, happiness and hopes. A lot of us will work on the resolutions that we have planned, and a few of us will focus on leaving the past regrets behind.  But one thing that is going to be common for all of us is to seek happiness and be content! Now that we are all set to embrace a new beginning, why not do so with a yummy New Year -themed cake? A cake remains constant for all the celebrations. New Year is no different!

Easy Yet Amazing New Year Cake Designs

Every occasion is incomplete without a cake-cutting ceremony. From birthday parties to marriage anniversaries, from formal get-togethers to valentine’s day celebrations, every joyous occasion cannot commence without a cake. How can we forget to enlighten the New Year celebrations without cutting a delicious cake?

As we continue to battle the pandemic, we assume you will be ringing in this New Year at home with the ones who matter to you the most! A beautiful New Year cake can add umpteen joy to moment when you enter 2021. To make your new year 2021 party memorable, here we list down some delightful new year cake designs to ring in 2021 on a super sweet note. Give a fresh start to your year with mouth-watering cakes and fill this year with positivity.

Cake Decoration Ideas For New Year 2021

Cakes, nowadays, come in such a vast flavoursome range. From the basic chocolate flavour to the extraordinarily creative flavours such as bubblegum cake, hazelnut chocolate cake, caramel cappuccino cake and much more. Cakes are not limited to just round and square shapes now. The world of cakes is now vast than ever before. It has reached an extremely beautiful pinnacle where many super talented people showcase their expertise in this field. Baking and decorating cakes has become an art now.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at some really creative new year cake designs to welcome 2021:

Top New Year Cake With Brownie Crumbs

This simple yet so elegant cake decoration will surely woo your guests. White frosting cake garnished with chocolate crumbs on the sides and beautiful 2021 brownie crumbs on the top. This cake is a perfect feast for your new year celebrations.  The best part? It is so easy to replicate it at home.

New Year Countdown – Make  A Clock With Whipped Cream

What better new year cake design than this to depict the excitement of stepping into a new year? This cake perfectly represents the joy of welcoming the new year, designed with a white dial, numbers and clock needles that shows five past twelve. Commence this phase with tempting count down cake. This is one of the most unique cake decoration ideas.

Chocolate Fusion Happy New Year Cake

There can hardly be a person who does not love chocolates. Fill your new year with the sweetness of chocolate. This is one of the basic cake decoration ideas yet it is so attractive. A round-shaped cake adorned with liquid chocolate and an added chocolate disc on top with “Happy New Year” written on it. And yes! Top it up with cherry and white chocolate.

Galaxy Stars and Sprinkles With 2021 Cake Toppers

Voila! Here is the super amazing multi-layered cake covered with multi-coloured icing. This galaxy printed cake, decorated with sparkling golden stars and sprinkles, is the perfect way to initiate the upcoming year. It is topped with mesmerising 2021 topper that enhances the beauty of this cake. And the sparkle that is sprinkled on it is creating another level of magic. Go on and give a wonderful start to the year with it.

Cupcake Style 

We have been cutting simple cakes for so many years, let’s give a little twist to that basic single cake idea. You can assemble so many little cupcakes together and embellish them with glittery 2021 theme-based cake toppers or edible “Happy New Year” cake tags. You may also try making them at home. Just a little love and so many of smiles will come your way.

Good-Bye 2020 Topper

2020 was really a hard year for all of us. But it is finally the time to say good-bye to 2020 and welcome 2021. Do this with gleaming “Goodbye2020” cake toppers. Make your simple cake look new year-ready with this perfect topper. 

Simplistic Cake With Chocolate Bar

Chocolates are the best way to fill your celebrations with sweetness. Decorate your New Year Cake with a chocolate bar and wrote 2021 on it with whipped cream. Sweet yet so simple.

New Year 2021 Cookie Cake 

Try something unusual at the beginning of 2021. Make this occasion indelible by trying cookie cake ideas. Get your cookie cake personalised as per your choice. You can try making them at home as well. 

Cheers To The New Year

Let your cake showcase the cheerfulness that you have for the upcoming year. Adorn your cake with shimmery cake topper that professes your joy for the year ahead. Enhance your simple cake with a “Cheer to 2021” cake topper.

‘Hello 2021’ Cake Tag

Simple things lead to big happiness. Add magical effect to your simple frosting cakes with the help of mesmerising cake tags like “Hello 2021” and champagne bottles. Neither too gleaming nor too plain, this cake decoration idea is perfect for the New Year House Party.

Metallic Candles On Pancakes

Pandemic has made everything a little difficult. Do not worry! If you cannot bake a cake at home or you do not want to order it from a bakery. You still can celebrate your New Year with the same excitement of cutting a cake. Prepare mouth-watering pancakes at home, embellish them with cream frosting and sprinkle nuts or any other garnishing of your choice. And finally, amp it up with metallic 2021 candles. And here you go with the perfect way of initiating a new year of your life.

Flaunt Your Calligraphy Skills

Are you planning to bake a yummilicious cake at home for New Year merry-making? Beautify it with your calligraphy skills. Try something creative and make your New Year party unforgettable. 

Draw New Year Elements On Cake With Whipped Cream

Make the first day of 2021 worth remembering with this cute homemade cake adorned with small art elements. You can draw them easily on your cake with the help of whipped cream cone. And at last, do not forget to add some beautiful candles to make it look more beautiful.

We hope that you like all the cake decorations ideas that we have shared in this blog. Make your celebrations memorable with delightful yummy cakes. May this year bring all the happiness to your life. Happy New Year 2021!


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