Gifting is an art and a form of expression. We give gifts to our loved to as an express of love, gratitude, respect, appreciation, best wishes, apology, and so on. In the professional world, corporate gifting is an effective way of building and retaining relationships with customers, colleagues, and mentors. However, it can be quite a task to come up with good corporate gift ideas. Corporate gifting comes with a set of ethics and etiquettes to ensure the gift does the job well. A wrong corporate gift can backfire and lead to a tiff.

Corporate Gift Guide

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Corporate Gifts

Being your guide for all-things-gifting, Pyaar Bhejo tells you things you must know about giving corporate gifts.

1. Prioritize The Receiver

While selecting a gift, make sure you consider the receiver’s personality and interests above anything else. The gift has to be relevant for them, or else it won’t serve any purpose.

2. Don’t Make It Too Informal

There is a sense of formality attributed to corporate gifts. So make sure you don’t give something very personal to a customer, boss, colleague, or client. Even the message you send along should not have intimate words like ‘hugs and kisses’ or ‘lots of love’, etc.

3. A Bit Of Personalization Does No Harm

Don’t refrain from adding a subtle hint of personalization to the corporate gift. Add the receiver’s name, or a photo to make them feel special and important.

4. Better Gifts For Clients With Higher Potential

You can’t give the same thing to everyone. It is important to give better gifts to more significant people. For instance, you can give the same thing to your senior and your subordinate, right? The same goes for customers. Give more priority to existing and long-term customers to enhance and sustain a good relationship with them.

5. Don’t Overdo, Stay In Budget

Always opt for budget and effective corporate gifts. Going overboard with corporate gifts can be perceived as a bribe. There is a fine line, so avoid excessive and expensive gifting.

6. Corporate Gifts On Non-Special Days Work Wonders

Everyone exchanges gifts on special days like birthdays and festivals. However, you can make a bigger impact by giving gifts on random days. Everyone loves surprises, especially unexpected surprises. Such unexpected gifts can strengthen your professional/business relations.

7. Don’t Violate Gifting Policy

A lot of corporate houses and various industries now have a legit gifting policy for both givers and receivers. Make sure you don’t violate the same.

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Ordering Corporate Gifts

  1. Don’t Underestimate The Packaging
  2. Make It Special With Personalization
  3. Add Handwritten Note
  4. Don’t Ignore The Cultural and Religious Beliefs Of The Recipient
  5. Opt For Gender-Neutral Gifts On Festivals (Unless it is a gender-specific day like Women’s Day)
  6. Don’t Experiment Much With The Gifts. Make Sure The Gifts Doesn’t Offend Anyone

Best Corporate Gifts Ideas

Some of the best corporate gift options are:

  • Plants
  • Personalized Stationery including pens and diaries
  • Gourmet Hampers
  • Flowers
  • Laptop Sleeves and Bags, and so much more.

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