9 Reasons Why Plants Are The New Gifting Cool

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Exchanging gifts is an imperative part of our lives. There are days and occasions when we are flooded with a downpour of gifts. And then there are also days when you have to give presents to your loved ones and acquaintances to make them feel special. An exchange of gifts is not just spending money and showcasing materialistic love. A great gift is the one that has some emotional essence or a meaningful thought behind it. If we talk about quintessential gift items, things like chocolates, flowers, personalised products come to our mind. However, there is a little addition in the list of cool and unique gift items now. And it is none other than plants.

Yes, you read that right. Plants are the new cool in the gifting world and must we add, it is one raging trend now. Wondering why? Well, there are several reasons why plants are good gifts. In this blog, we tell you the same. Without any further ado, let us tell you why plants are among the best gifts for your loved ones.

Plants Symbolise Growth And Prosperity

Plants symbolise growth, success, good luck and good health. We are sure you wish all this and more for your loved ones. Owing to the symbolic meaning of plants and the vibe they exude, plants are considered apt for gifting.

Now-a-days gifting is not just about splurging money. The thought behind is appreciated more than its cost.

Plants Are Good For Health

When you give someone a plant, you give them a gift of good health. Now that sounds like a precious gift, doesn’t it? Plants give us oxygen and make the air around us fresher. Hence, a presence of a plant in the room or at the work desk is super beneficial.

Eco-friendly Gift

A lot of us are now moving towards an eco-friendly approach. Whether is our lifestyle, the way we commute or even gifts for that matter – going eco-friendly is the need of the hour. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly gift item, plants can be your best bet. In the times when Earth is battling the worst woes like climate change, global warming and a pandemic, we all need to consider going eco-friendly.

Ficus Bonsai Plant

Relevant For Every Occasion

Be it a birthday, anniversary, success party, Diwali, New Year or any other special day – plants make for good gifts for everyone for every occasion. They signify new beginning, growth and prosperity – a perfect blend of all-things-good that you would want to give to your loved ones.

Indoor Plants Add To The Aesthetics Of Decor

Apart from their symbolic significance, plants are also pretty beings. The lush greenery adds a lot to the decor and beauty of the place they are kept at. Mind you, including indoor plants is now one of the most raging trends in terms of home decor. More and more people are now amping up the beauty of their homes with indoor plants.


There are times when you have to consider the budget factor as well. But having a limited budget does not mean settling for a meaningless and cheap gift item. Plants have your back. As you might have understood by now, plants are among the most meaningful and thoughtful gift items than you can give to your friends and family members. Apart from all other benefits, another significant thing about plants as gifts is they do not cost a bomb.

Plants Are Forever

Flowers are temporary but plants are forever. The timeless nature of plants is another reason why plants are the best gifts. All it takes is to be nurtured well.

Plants Make People Responsible

Don’t we all know a bunch of people who are simply irresponsible? Well, plants are a perfect gift for them. Taking care of a plant demands a lot of attention and care. It is not a relaxing routine and is a great way to cultivate a sense of patience and responsibility.

Oodles Of Options

Don’t be in the oblivion that you will have limited options while buying plants as gifts. You can choose from a wide range of variety and types of plants to give to your loved ones. Right from the colour, type, size, budget range – you have oodles of options to choose from.

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