11 Exclusive Diwali Gifts Hampers Delivery For Delhi-NCR

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Happy Diwali! It is almost that time of the year to exchange Diwali greetings with your loved ones. Had it been any other year, the markets would have been bustling with crowds already to shop for Diwali gifts. But this is 2020. Everything is different this year. So is Diwali celebrations. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, this Diwali we all must refrain from stepping outside to visit malls and markets. Don’t get disheartened. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to celebrate Deepavali. Of course, you can. To spread cheer this Diwali season, we suggest you stay home and send Diwali Gifts Online. Pyaar Bhejo, India’s best gifting portal, brings you exclusive and premium Diwali Gift Hampers that can be delivered in Delhi-NCR.

Your best buddy for all-things-gifts, Pyaar Bhejo has curated a premium range of Diwali gift hampers for you all. The exclusive Diwali hampers contain an assortment of premium chocolates, healthy chips, Diwali diyas, holy idols of Lord Ganesh and high-quality dry fruits. Sounds like a perfect Diwali gift, already? Wait, we have more. We have an array of Diwali Gift hampers of different price ranges and varied contents.

Without any further ado, check out some of the best Best Diwali Gifts and Hampers Delivery in Delhi-NCR:

1. Snacks Diwali Hamper

To begin with, here is Pyaar Bhejo’s special Snacks Diwali Hampers. It contains many packets of chips and munchies along with a premium chocolates box, Britannia cake, Dark Fantasy Choco Fills and designer decorated diyas. It is a perfect mix of sweet and savoury and also contains Diwali essentials. The elegant packaging further makes it one loot-worthy Diwali hamper.

Snacks Diwali Hamper by Pyaar Bhejo


2. Diwali Family Pack

Here is another unmissable Diwali hamper that doubles up as an amazing gift hamper for your close friends and family. It contains a Celebrations Chocolates box, premium-quality almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios in special glass jars, Little Hearts biscuits and a lot of tempting Silk chocolates along with choco fills and cake packet and chips.

Diwali Family Pack by Pyaar Bhejo


3. Diwali Hamper With Idol

Pyaar Bhejo’s Diwali Hamper With Idol is another great gifting option for your close family members. You can even present it as a corporate gift for your boss and colleagues. It contains an idol of Lord Ganesha along with a chocolate box, jars of dry fruits and a jar of freshly-baked cookies as well. The overall hamper comes in a classy leather-finish packaging.


An impressive Diwali Gift Hamper, we must say!

4. Happiness Hamper For Diwali

This Diwali, spread cheer and happiness among your friends and family members. One sure-shot way to spread happiness is by giving them this exclusive Diwali hamper by Pyaar Bhejo. The delicious chocolates in the hamper will delight their taste buds, the dry fruits will take care of their health and other savouries will satiate their cravings.

Happiness Hamper For Diwali by Pyaar Bhejo


5. Novel Diwali Hamper

This Diwali, don’t give Diwali gifts for the sake of it. Choose premium gifts that will actually make them happy. This Novel Diwali Hamper is one such. This hamper comes in an ornate basket and contains utterly-yummy and not-so-mainstream chocolates such as ershey’s Whole Almonds bar and Cadbury Temptation. To add to the delight are two boxes of cookies, a box of choco fills and Little Hearts biscuits.

Novel Diwali Hamper


6. Choco Diwali Hamper

Diwali greetings are nothing without chocolates. Chocolates add sweetness to every occasion and are perfect for every joyous celebration. The best part? Everyone loves chocolates. Considering this fondness for chocolates, we have a special Choco Diwali Hamper. This hamper contains several tempting chocolates including Hershey’s, Silk, Temptations, Ferrero and cookie jars.All this happiness comes in a fancy basket which can be later used for storage or some other purpose.

Choco Diwali Hamper by Pyaar Bhejo


7. Dry Fruits and Chocolate Combo Hamper

There can’t be any better Diwali Hamper than this. This one comes loaded with the goodness of dry fruits along with sweetness of SO MANY chocolates. Yes, you read that right. This Dry Fruits and Chocolate Combo Hamper is in fact a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. It will impress the elders as well as the kids.

Dry fruits and chocolare combo for Diwali by Pyaar Bhejo


8. Kids Small Hamper

We have also assembled a special Diwali hamper for kids as well. If you were looking for Diwali gifts for kids, your search might end here with Pyaar Bhejo’s special hamper. It comes with so many delicacies and tempting chocolates that most of the kids love. Right from KinderJoy to Lollipops to Choco pies to chocolates and choco fills – this hamper has it all and more.

Diwali Hamper for Kids by Pyaar BhejoBUY IT HERE

9. Healthy Happiness Hamper

If you believe in mindful and healthy gifting, you must consider Pyara Bhejo’s Healthy Happiness Hamper. This comes with a range of many healthy products like chia seeds, protein bars from MuscleBlaze, super snacks like roasted multi grains, quinoa seeds and multi seeds, and coconut water and digestive biscuits. Gifting this hamper to someone is like gifting them good health.


10. Large Hamper of Cookies And Chocolates

Want to impress your loved ones with a memorable and attractive Diwali gift? We suggest, pick this Large Hamper of Cookies and Chocolates. This hamper contains an assorted range of yummy chocolates and cookies. The cookies are freshly-baked and taste heavenly. On the other hand, there are so many chocolates – each one better than the other.

Large hamper of cookies and chocolates


11. Ganesha Idol Hamper

Ending this lest of Diwali Gift Hampers online with this adorable Ganesha Idol Hamper. As the name itself suggests, it comprises a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha. With it, there is a chocolates box, a jar of cookies and pistachios each. It is a mix of all-things-Diwali, and hence makes for a great Diwali gift.


How To Order These Diwali Hampers?

  • It is quite easy! You can order them through our website pyaarbhejo.com or give us a call on  919999260678
  • These hampers are exclusive and can be delivered in Delhi-NCR. However, you can place the order from any part of the world. The delivery address should be in Delhi-NCR for these Diwali Hampers.
  • You can also choose same-day delivery of midnight delivery service.

Happy Diwali, folks!

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